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群山逐夢人: 甘蒼林
群山逐夢人: 甘蒼林
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走过硝烟的岁月 (二)
走过硝烟的岁月 (二)
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Beyond Suspicion? The Singapore Judiciary

Author/Editor: Francis T Seow
Condition: Good
ISBN: 9789833782482
Publisher: SIRD
Published: 2008
Probably First Edition
Item Ref: 494
First Published: 2008

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Once again, Francis Seow has revealed, with his usual rigour and attention to detail, a vital part of Singapore’s repressive machinery, this time by placing his spotlight on its judiciary.

Beyond Suspicion? The Singapore Judiciary is essential to understanding the true nature of human rights abuses in that country. Particularly thorough are the chapters dealing with the use of civil defamation suits through the courts by ruling party leaders against political critics.

Seow’s meticulous treatment of these suits clearly illustrates that in politically sensitive cases, the Singapore judiciary has not moved to check the Executive’s misuse of the law. Human rights campaigners now and the historians of the future will regard it as required reading.

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